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December 31, 1998 - January 12, 2010

Canine - Black Labrador

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Jasper, beloved companion of the Mingo Family of Waterford, CT crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 12, 2010, after a courageous fight against cancer.

He enjoyed all things water and would chase a thrown ball thrown for as long as your arm could last.  His favorite spot away from home was Pattagansett Lake.  He also enjoyed swimming in the pond at Boulder Patch Farm or playing in the hose at home.  


He enjoyed playing with the Mingo children, Tyler and Samantha.  He retrieved hundreds of baseballs while Tyler practiced his pitching arm.  Jasper also attended many tea parties with Samantha and didn't mind wearing silly hats. He guarded the property and proudly welcomed all guests with a loud, cheerful bark (which, also scared away unwelcomed visitors).  

Jasper's favorite activity was listening to dreams and licking away tears from a broken heart.  Jasper always had the time to lend an ear or a shoulder.  He just knew when he needed to sit quietly beside you or act like a goofball to raise your spirits.

Jasper will be sorely missed by everyone whom he touched (or licked) in this life.

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