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More About Us and Our Vision

Mission Statement


To provide a lasting memorial with perpetual care for all the animals that have touched our hearts.  Families and visitors will be able to quickly search for their buddy and be able to purchase a memorial package or purchase a location and individual items.  Family and friends can find the location of the pet with ease and purchase flowers and candles as well as a complete ordering system. Our ultimate goal will provide the client with the opportunity to play with their deceased pet in a virtual reality environment.


Keys to Success


In 2015, American pet owners purchased enough pet funeral-related items that the industry made more than $100 MILLION PROFIT.  Perhaps it’s because our pets are not judgmental and accept us as we are and who we are.  Pets teach us the true meaning of unconditional love.  And once you have given your heart to pet, they stay with us for life.  


Peaceful Meadows is the first online pet memorial park that is based upon a human cemetery model.  It merges memorialization and technology into a complete package. It is a one-stop location where our client families can choose a location, personalize a marker, upload an obituary and have a Book of Life Memories.


All your pets can be “buried” in one location or scattered throughout gardens or perhaps in a mausoleum.  If you move, you don’t have to worry; your beloved Fido is safe with us.  Perhaps now you can free the cremated remains that are sitting on a shelf or in a closet because now you will have a place online to visit with them again and again.  Your friends will be able to find your buddy quickly and easily so they can leave their condolences or share a funny story. 


What if a senior relative must move into an assisted living facility or can’t move around much.  While cleaning out the house you come upon the cremated remains of her cat, Fluffy.   You bury them, but your relative can’t move well enough to visit the cemetery.   Or the childhood home where you buried Buster has been sold, and you no longer have access.


The solution is an online memorial site.  One that can be visited whenever from wherever in the world and as much  as you like.  You can leave flowers on the site or light a candle.  You can write a story in the Book of Life Memories about the time Fluffy gave you the present of a live mouse.



To learn more, please click on the video below.



















Description of Business


Peaceful Meadows is a cloud-based, online, perpetual memorial site for pets.  It will serve the consumers' need to have a single place for pet memorialization and will function like a real cemetery where clients chose a location and marker.  The user interface will gather information and provide a site to submit photos and obituary.  The obituary will be pinned to the top of each page in the Book of Life Memories.  The client family will have the option of viewing or downloading/printing the condolences book.  The cemetery worker(s) will create the monument based on the given data and place the marker on the correct memorial site. 





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